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'It’s Not Every Day You See a Boat in the Middle of Oxford Circus' — Extinction Rebellion Halts London to Demand Action on Climate Change

Read time: 3 mins
Extinction Rebellion banner

Miles from the river Thames, a boat brought central London to a standstill on Monday as campaign group Extinction Rebellion launched an international protest demanding action on climate change.

The Berta Cáceres docked in the middle of the Oxford Circus junction, one of five locations across London, as part of synchronised action taking place across 33 countries globally, including in the United States, Germany, Ghana, and New Zealand.

'It’s the Opposite of the Right Thing' — 96k-Signature Petition Calls on Government to Block Drax Gas Plans

Read time: 3 mins
Say No to Drax Gas banner

Campaigners have called on the government to refuse planning permission for the country’s biggest gas plant, saying that providing public subsidies for the project contradicts the UK’s climate commitments.

Energy company Drax plans to modify the existing coal electricity generation units to gas generation and battery storage at its biomass and coal plant in Yorkshire. But it is asking for further public subsidies to undertake the development.

No to Heathrow: Climate Campaigners Outline Case Against Third Runway

Read time: 4 mins
No to Heathrow protestors outside the High Court

Climate campaigners have begun to put pressure on the government’s plan to expand Heathrow during a 10-day judicial review at the High Court. The case will test if the “government is bound by its own rules,” according to the legal team fighting the plan for a third runway.

On Wednesday, the court heard arguments concerning the climate change implications of the development, brought by climate lawyers Plan B and environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth against Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

Climate Change Means 'Real Death, Real Blood' — Extinction Rebellion Paints Downing Street Red

Read time: 3 mins
Extinction Rebellion protestors outside Downing Street

Blood’ was spilled outside Downing Street on Saturday as campaign group Extinction Rebellion kickstarted its spring action with a graphic sea of red.

Protestors emptied buckets of artificial blood, made from a mixture of syrup, food colouring, water, and cornflour, on the pavement outside Downing Street to represent the “loss of life that will be inflicted on the next generation,” said an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson.

It also represents those lives which have “already been lost around the world as a result of the climate crisis,” they added.

Protestors Target Companies Supporting Fracking in UK Day of Action

Read time: 3 mins

Anti-fracking campaigners gathered in Windsor today to protest against Centrica’s investments in the fracking industry.

The demonstration was part of a UK-wide day of action targeting companies that support oil and gas production by providing finance, materials, and infrastructure to the industry.

We are targeting companies such as Centrica, that are linked with Cuadrilla,” said Annabel Gregory, a member of Reclaim the Power, the anti-fossil fuel group that organised the protests. “This is a series of coordinated actions to expose the supply chains. Centrica is implicit in supporting fracking in the UK.”

London Fashion Week: Extinction Rebellion Calls on Fashion Industry to Acknowledge Climate Emergency

Read time: 3 mins
Extinction Rebellion protestor at London Fashion Week

Wearing black to mourn for “the hundreds of species that daily go extinct,” protesters from campaign group Extinction Rebellion swarmed roads leading to London’s Fashion Week on Sunday, creating traffic gridlock.

One protestor, known as Fox, said the fashion industry is only interested in sustainability when “it’s fashionable.”

The sins of the fashion industry never end,” they said. “They hide behind the culture and the art.”

'If Greta Can Do It So Can We' — School Strikers Call on Government to Declare Climate Emergency

Read time: 3 mins
School Striker

When needed, teenagers will climb on literally anything - traffic lights, bus tops, statues - so that they can be heard.

They need to start listening and stop hiding their heads in the smog,” one of the young protestors at the Youth Strike 4 Climate in London’s Parliament Square said of world leaders - one of over 50 protests in towns and cities across the UK today.