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Poll: Public Support for Fracking Falls to Record Low

Read time: 5 mins
fracking question wave 29

By Ruth Hayhurst for Drill or Drop

Results from the latest government survey on fracking shows that public opposition has risen to its highest level so far and support dropped to a record low.

The quarterly Wave tracker survey indicates that opponents regard fracking as a risky or unsafe process and are concerned about earthquakes and the impact on climate change.

The Cause Is Us: Scientists Warn Of Sixth Mass Extinction

Read time: 5 mins
dinosaur skeleton

By Alex Kirby for Climate News Network

About one million of the world’s animal and plant species are now at risk of extinction − the largest number in human history ever to be facing the threat of oblivion, scientists say. Many species could be wiped out within decades. And their plight is caused by humans, and will inevitably affect us too.

The warning was delivered by a British scientist, Professor Sir Robert Watson, chair of the UN’s Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), speaking in the French capital, Paris.

Comment: I Want BP to Understand the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is Sacred Ground — They Can't Drill It

Read time: 4 mins

Bernadette Demientieff is the Executive Director of the Gwich’in Steering Committee, a group pressuring BP to pledge not to drill the community's sacred lands.

Later this month, I’m going to travel halfway around the world from my home in Alaska to Aberdeen, Scotland to speak at BP’s annual shareholder meeting. I plan to share with the oil company’s executives how important the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is to my people and urge them not to pursue destructive oil drilling or exploration in our sacred lands.

World Bank Criticised for Giving $21 Billion Support to Fossil Fuel Projects

Read time: 4 mins
Sasol gas pipeline Mozambique

By Natalie Sauer for Climate Home News

The World Bank Group faces criticism for continuing to back fossil fuel development, despite moves to clean up its portfolio.

It has earned green credentials for ending direct lending to coal-fired power plants, promising to axe support for oil and gas exploration and increasing its clean energy budget.

Yet over the last five years, the group’s support to oil and gas actually increased, while coal benefitted from indirect subsidies, according to analysis from German NGO Urgewald.

Violent Conflict and Pollution Driving India's Green Vote

Read time: 5 mins
Flood management construction in Gumi village

By Paul Brown for Climate News Network

Candidates promising to fight for clean drinking water and a halt to pollution are likely to gain the support of millions of Indian voters.

Environmental issues, particularly clean water and air, traffic congestion and better public transport, are among the top priorities of urban voters as they prepare to vote in the world’s largest general election.

From California to Louisiana: Finding America's Climate Heroes

Read time: 4 mins
Reel News Americas Climate Heroes composite

British video activist Shaun Dey was one of two members of Reel News who went to North America last year to make films about grassroots struggles around climate change, particularly around the ideas of “just transition” and “just recovery”. He reflects on his experience of travelling the region for 14 weeks.

When Trump got into power, we immediately wanted to get over to the States and see what was happening. We knew there were a lot of grassroots movements in the States coming together around climate change, and that refreshingly it was a movement led by working-class communities of colour.

What were all those activists doing now that a climate science denier was President?

France's Counter-Terrorism Unit Involved in Investigation of Climate Protestors

Read time: 4 mins
French climate protestors remove Macron portrait

By Natalie Sauer for Climate Home News

When Marion Esnault and comrades began removing portraits of president Emmanuel Macron from the walls of town halls across France they expected to get into trouble.

But last week, it emerged that their protest – up to 27 portraits so far – against what they say is Macron’s failure of climate leadership, has become the target of an investigation involving France’s Bureau de la Lutte Anti-terroriste (Blat), the office of counter-terrorism operations.

Oil Majors Looking to Use Renewable Energy Schemes to 'Own the Customer' in Rural Africa

Read time: 5 mins
Workers construct a solar array in Malawi

By Sara Stefanini for Climate Home News

Armed with solar panels, lanterns and mini grids, European energy giants hope to capture the data of hundreds of millions of new, increasingly wealthy customers in rural Africa.

The first step is to set up tiny renewable generators independent of main power grids, often sold on pay-as-you-go schemes like mobile phones.

Once that basic energy supply is established – to charge phones, home lighting and other small appliances – it’s expected to fuel demand for a slew of new products and services, such as internet access, mobile banking, water pumps, mills, fridges, home batteries and cooking stoves. The reams of data on how these new customers use and pay for their energy will help companies decide their next moves.

An Open Letter to Lancashire County Council from the School Climate Strikers

Read time: 3 mins
Lancashire school kids strike

Hundreds of thousands of children are striking from school to take to the streets demanding policymakers take the climate crisis seriously. This is an open letter from three striking students in years 7 and 8 in Lancashire, the only area of the UK currently being fracked for shale gas extraction.

Comment: School Strikers Know it's Time to End Corporate Lobbying that Encourages Climate Inaction

Read time: 2 mins
London school climate strike

By Thomas O'Neill, Research Director of corporate transparency NGO InfluenceMap

If you were sitting on the last lifeboat from the Titanic, making a hole here, removing a panel there, while denying that ships can sink, your fellow passengers would rightly deem your actions deliberately destructive. 

The climate and energy policies which governments must implement if we are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent within the next 12 years are our civilisation’s lifeboat to avoid the worst effects of climate change, which threaten the security of all humankind.