Arron Banks

Arron Banks


Arron Banks is a businessman famous for being one of the main funders of the UK’s Brexit campaign. He was an influential figure and donor for the Leave.EU group, headed by Nigel Farage, that campaigned for the UK to leave the European Union.

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Have Oil Majors Changed Their Tune on Climate Change?

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Oil rig by wind turbines

This is the biggest challenge as we have at the moment as a company,” Ben van Beurden, chief executive of oil giant Shell, said recently. “The fact that societal acceptance of the energy system as we have it is just disappearing.”

Speaking at the annual CERAWeek energy conference in Houston on March 9, van Beurden described the growing tensions between his industry, which has created our fossil fuel dependent energy system, and the public, which is demanding a switch to clean energy: “I do think trust has been eroded to the point where it starts to become a serious issue for our long-term future.”

The world’s largest oil companies are increasingly faced with public pressure to do something about their impact on climate change. And increasingly we’re seeing their chief executives responding. The question is though, how much is for real and what's just greenwash?

Mapped: New Special Relationship for America and Britain Emerges with Climate Science Deniers Linked to Trump and Brexit

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On Friday, 20 January, fossil fuel lobbyists and climate science deniers from both sides of the Atlantic will step out of the shadows and into the White House as Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.

DeSmog UK has mapped this new US-UK climate science denier network, held together in large part by conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, to shed light on this growing group of influencers. 

Since November, the president-elect has been gathering his team together; the men that will form the top positions of influence and decision making within his government.

Rather than ‘draining the swamp’, Trump has chosen to surround himself with the same actors who have long been pushing climate misinformation and lobbying against environmental protection.

Front and centre are individuals linked to well known funders of climate science denial, the Kochs, the Mercers, and the Heritage Foundation. And as our new map shows, this isn’t limited to the United States.

Covering Climate Change in 2017: Five New Years’ Resolutions for the Media

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No, it wasn’t all a dream, 2016 really did happen. And for those who view tackling climate change as a priority in order to minimize its impact on people and the environment, it was a particularly overwhelming year. You’d be forgiven for simply wanting to go into hibernation mode and wait for it all to be over.  

For many, the scale and pace of change is unprecedented, and it’s coming at us from all angles: political, social, and environmental.

Young People Express Disbelief at Older Generation’s Trump and Brexit Choices, Say ‘Join Us’ to Solve Climate Crisis

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SustainUS Youth Group protest at COP22 Marrakech

It has been a frustrating few months for young people struggling to get their voices heard in a political system that must seem designed to alienate them.

There is a sense that their future is being ravaged by an electorate too old to live out the consequences of their choices. A trepidation that is particularly keenly felt on issues that disproportionately affect younger generations, such as climate change.

COP22: Marrakech Conference Reacts to US Election, Pins Hopes for Global Climate Action on Trump’s Inconsistency

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Just as the international climate talks in Marrakech were getting underway, the ground shifted beneath negotiators’ feet. While delegates are putting a brave face on matters, there is no hiding the anxiety in the halls of COP22 in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory.

Given Trump’s history of climate denial, participants are quickly manoeuvring to find a straw to grasp onto. And they seem to be coalescing around one simple truth: Trump is inconsistent.

Until proved otherwise, negotiations will continue in the hope that the President Elect is more climate friendly than he’s been letting on.

How a Trump Presidency Will Impact UK Climate Action

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With temperatures soaring above normal seasonal levels across most of America on 8 November, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump waited out the hours of nail-biting vote counting in their respective election night headquarters in midtown Manhattan, only about a mile and a half apart.

During the early hours of the UK's morning, the results were in and Donald Trump was announced to the world as the next president of the United States. 

The election results reverberated around the world, and with it a tsunami of questions, including: what does this mean for energy and climate change in the US and beyond?

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