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Global Vision

Global Vision


Global Vision (also known as Global Vision UK) is a Brexit-focused media outlet that provides “an online home” for “all those wanting to follow the next chapter as the UK begins the process of negotiating our future relationship with both the EU and the wider world,” according to its website. [1]

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The Conservative Woman

The Conservative Woman


The Conservative Woman (CW) is a conservative blog established in 2014 as a “counter-cultural offensive against the forces of Leftism, feminism and modernism.” [1]

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How Climate Science Deniers Infiltrate the UK’s Right-Wing Press

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Ridley Booker GWPF composite

Given the fringe nature of climate science deniers’ arguments, the amount of press time they receive in the UK is generally pretty squeezed (Donald Trump aside).

But the UK’s most prominent climate science denial campaign group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation, still has two reliable outlets in the UK press. And it's been putting them to good use in recent weeks.

Harry Wilkinson

Harry Wilkinson


  • University of York (2012 – 2015). [1]


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