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Comment: Climate Deniers are Threatened by Extinction Rebellion Because It Challenges the Ideology on Which Their Luxurious Lifestyles are Built

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Extinction Rebellion London protest

The Extinction Rebellion protest movement has grown in scale and impact in recent weeks, bringing energy and chaos to the streets as people wake up to grim climate realities. Alongside the School Strikes, the new movement has been a massive, joyful, peaceful wake-up call to conservative environmentalists and compromised politicians alike. 

'It’s Not Every Day You See a Boat in the Middle of Oxford Circus' — Extinction Rebellion Halts London to Demand Action on Climate Change

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Extinction Rebellion banner

Miles from the river Thames, a boat brought central London to a standstill on Monday as campaign group Extinction Rebellion launched an international protest demanding action on climate change.

The Berta Cáceres docked in the middle of the Oxford Circus junction, one of five locations across London, as part of synchronised action taking place across 33 countries globally, including in the United States, Germany, Ghana, and New Zealand.

Extinction Rebellion Climate Protestors Found Guilty of Criminal Damage for Digging Hole in Parliament Lawn

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Extinction Rebellion protest

Two climate change protestors have been found guilty of criminal damage after digging a hole outside the Houses of Parliament.

Paul Enock and Stephen McDonald, both 62, pleaded not guilty during a trial at Hendon Magistrates Court, arguing that they had acted out of necessity to draw attention to the problem of climate change. But the judge, sitting at Westminster Magistrates Court on 29 March 2019, disagreed and gave each man a three-month conditional discharge.

Climate Change Means 'Real Death, Real Blood' — Extinction Rebellion Paints Downing Street Red

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Extinction Rebellion protestors outside Downing Street

Blood’ was spilled outside Downing Street on Saturday as campaign group Extinction Rebellion kickstarted its spring action with a graphic sea of red.

Protestors emptied buckets of artificial blood, made from a mixture of syrup, food colouring, water, and cornflour, on the pavement outside Downing Street to represent the “loss of life that will be inflicted on the next generation,” said an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson.

It also represents those lives which have “already been lost around the world as a result of the climate crisis,” they added.

London Fashion Week: Extinction Rebellion Calls on Fashion Industry to Acknowledge Climate Emergency

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Extinction Rebellion protestor at London Fashion Week

Wearing black to mourn for “the hundreds of species that daily go extinct,” protesters from campaign group Extinction Rebellion swarmed roads leading to London’s Fashion Week on Sunday, creating traffic gridlock.

One protestor, known as Fox, said the fashion industry is only interested in sustainability when “it’s fashionable.”

The sins of the fashion industry never end,” they said. “They hide behind the culture and the art.”

Comment: Why It's Too Soon for Newspapers to Claim Gatwick Disruption is the Fault of an 'Eco-Warrior'

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Many newspapers this morning have speculated that the current chaos at Gatwick airport is down to an “eco-warrior”. Their basis for this claim? Almost nothing.

The Telegraph’s frontpage reads “Environmental protestors suspected of orchestrating Gatwick drone chaos”. The Times has an article headlined “Gatwick chaos: Eco-warriors may be behind disruption”, and The Sun declares that the “hunt continues” for “eco-warrior drone pilot”.

So that’s three of the UK’s biggest newspapers, including its most widely circulated, making the connection between this mass disruption and “eco” activists.

Extinction Rebellion Demands BBC Improve Climate Coverage and Divest from Fossil Fuels

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Extinction Rebellion sign

As a renowned public service broadcaster, the BBC is expected to set an example for global media. And the issue of climate change is no exception.

Extinction Rebellion, a campaign group becoming famous for its peaceful civil disobedience tactics, has submitted a letter to the BBC asking it “to play a key role in enabling the transformative change needed so that we can face this emergency together”.

Dodgy Deals, Climate Denial, and People Power — DeSmog UK's 2018 Year in Review

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DeSmog UK frontpages

It has been quite a year - Brexit (still), Trump (still), and the inevitable crescendo towards the annual climate talks (which delivered a deal many think falls way short of the necessary action to avoid catastrophic climate change).

With the jingle bells ringing, and everyone rushing to get the 5.01pm train home for Christmas, now seems a good time to reflect on the year that’s (almost) past.

'Embarrassed' Energy Minister Claire Perry Heckled by Anti-Fracking Campaigners at UN Climate Talks Event

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Energy minister Claire Perry apologised to international observers after being repeatedly interrupted by four climate protesters during an event in which she announced the UK had formally requested to host the climate talks in 2020.

Speaking during a side event at this year’s climate summit in Katowice, Perry was forced to stop speaking after activists openly challenged her over the UK’s fracking policy.

‘This Process is Not Made For Us’: Climate Campaigners Call On Governments to Listen to Demands of ‘Real People’ at COP24

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The UN climate talks are often portrayed as an exclusive and inaccessible place in which ordinary people's voices are rarely heard. As the clock to prevent catastrophic climate change ticks away, there is a growing disconnect between people ready to put themselves on the frontline of climate action and the slow, politically-driven global negotiations.

Over recent months, new grassroots movements have used radical actions to compel governments to respond to climate breakdown.

For instance, Extinction Rebellion, a nonviolent civil disobedience movement, blocked roads and bridges in central London and saw campaigners glue themselves to government building. Inspired by 15-year-old Greta Thunberg, the “School Strike 4 Action” movement has also seen thousands of children in Australia walk out of classrooms to demand the federal government take action on climate change.


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