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Analysis: Aviation Industry Coronavirus Bailouts Contradict Governments' Climate Commitments

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Is the chance for a green recovery flying by?

Despite governments around the world claiming they want to support low-carbon industries in the wake of COVID-19, many have prioritised airlines and plane manufacturers for bailouts with no green strings attached — giving or lending money to some of the world’s biggest polluters.

70,000 Aviation Job Losses Show Government Needs to Support Workers’ Low Carbon Transition — Report

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It is “highly likely” that a proportion of upcoming job losses in the aviation industry will be permanent in the long term, a new report says.

Job losses in the aviation sector and its supply chain will likely top 70,000 in the next two to three months due to COVID-19 health measures, says the analysis; larger than the job losses seen at the peak of the UK coal industry’s decline 1980-81.

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