Steve Baker

Steve Baker


Steve Baker is a Conservative MP for Wycombe since the 2010 General Election. Baker is a long-time Eurosceptic. In 2015 he became co-chairman of Conservatives for Britain, a campaign organisation formed just after the General Election in June 2015 to lobby for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. During the referendum campaign, Conservatives for Britain supported Vote Leave.

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Election 2015: What the manifestos say on climate and energy

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The UK's  closest election in a generation is now three weeks away. Carbon Brief is tracking the climate and energy content of the parties' manifestos as they are launched.

Labour went first on Monday 13 April, followed a day later by the Conservatives and Greens. The Liberal Democrats and the UK Independence Party launched on Wednesday 15 April. Other parties followed over the following week.

In contrast to 2010, climate change has  barely featured on the campaign trail so far. That's despite - or perhaps because of - the  joint climate pledge from the leaders of the three largest parties. This promised to work towards a legally-binding global climate deal, to agree new UK emissions-cutting goals and to phase out unabated coal-fired power.

The General Election and Fracking – What do the Manifestos Say?

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After two televised debates and several manifesto launches, the 2015 general election is well and truly underway.

Promises, pledges and plans are being churned out by political parties on an industrial scale. However, what does each of the party’s manifestos say it will do about fracking, if elected?

Fracking will likely be a key issue for people living in constituencies with permit applications for shale oil and gas sites.

Tim Yeo Just Called Out ‘Old, White, Male’ Tories For Not Accepting Climate Change

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The UK Conservative party has a climate sceptic problem warns Tory MP Tim Yeo, current chair of the Commons’ Energy and Climate Change (ECC) committee.

There is a strong minority of open climate sceptics in the Conservative party, Yeo told Leo Hickman, editor of Carbon Brief. This is mainly due to the party’s age profile, he said, as it has a higher proportion of older MPs compared to the Lib Dems and Labour.  

There’s a very strong representation of older people, of, I have to say it, of older, white males, actually,” Yeo said. “That’s the group who seem to have the most difficulty in understanding the science and accepting the urgency of the case. So it’s just that that group is a bit more strongly represented.

But I think, I mean you know, to be brutal, they’re going to die off. Very few people under the age of 40 now, I think, seriously question the science, and that group is gradually taking over.”

Cameron to Attend NYC Conference Amid Tory Climate Denial Rebellion

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The Prime Minister will be under pressure to assert Britain’s position on climate change while a poll reveals less than half of MPs think the science of global warming is conclusive.

David Cameron will have to perform a remarkable tightrope walk at the United Nations (UN) climate talks in New York, on the 23rd of September, fearing he will be ridiculed by the international community for not demanding tough action while facing a rebellion from deniers in his own party.

A staggering 71 per cent of Conservative MPs who responded to a new PR Week poll admitted they feel the established science of climate change is a “widespread theory” that has “not yet been conclusively proved” or is just green propaganda.

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