Frack Off: Meet the Campaigners Protecting Lancashire from Fracking

Since 2011, Cuadrilla has been trying to frack Lancashire. The company is at the vanguard of an industry that for almost a decade has failed to get off the ground. Finally, in 2018, they fracked for the first time.

DeSmog UK has regularly visited the community on the frontline of fighting the UK's newest fossil fuel industry. Our reporters have found local residents, first-time protestors, and long-term campaigners all distraught at what is happening at the Preston New Road site in Little Plumpton, that sits within sight of Blackpool's famous tower.

In this series, we focus on the campaign community that has grown and evolved over the past three years. Cuadrilla may now be fracking, but the local community is still resisting.

In this series

Frack Free Lancashire protesters
By Claire Stephenson, a campaigner with Frack Free Lancashire The announcement by the Conservative...
By Guest, 5 Nov, 2019
Anti-fracking sign Preston New Road
By Ruth Hayhurst for Drill or Drop After seven years of promoting fracking, Conservative ministers...
By Guest, 4 Nov, 2019
Simon Roscoe Blevins, Credit: Kristian Buss (c)
Image: Kristian Buus © Simon Roscoe Blevins swears softly, compulsively, and often. The criminal...
By Mat Hope, 10 Apr, 2019
As the protest at Preston New Road, Lancashire, marks its second anniversary, one mother and...
By Jordan Raine, 7 Jan, 2019
Preston New Road anti-fracking camp
“It’s 4.21pm. I’m just saying. I’d like to say it’s all okay, but it’s really not. It sucks.” It’s...
By Sophie Yeo, 11 Oct, 2018
protestors lie in front of lorries
On Tuesday 25 July 2017, four protestors stopped a convoy of lorries going to a fracking site in...
By Mat Hope, 26 Sep, 2018
Protesters sit on a tower overlooking a police van at Preston New Road fracking site
There are fewer ribbons tied to the hedgerow, and most of the funny signs are gone. In their place...
By Mat Hope, 2 Aug, 2017
Frack Free Lancashire sign
“There’s something happening,” Nick tells me. “There’s a pattern to it”. He says this a lot. He’s...
By Mat Hope, 2 May, 2017