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Comment: The BBC Broke More Than its Editorial Guidelines in Inviting a Climate Science Denier to Discuss the School Strikes

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School strike Melbourne

The fresh and jazzy new BBC Scotland “Nine” news programme has come under a wave of criticism after inviting a renowned climate science denier onto its show on the very day of the global school strike. 

It’s accused of (at best) incompetent coverage of the protests which saw children and young people striking in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fenwick, East Kilbride, Coatbridge, Stirling, Inverkeithing, Peebles, Fort William, Forres, St Andrews, Inverness, Ullapool, South Uist, Aberdeen, Aberdour, Kirkwall and Eigg yesterday.

Comment: Children Are Making the Media's Climate Science Deniers Look Desperately Out of Touch

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The demographics of climate breakdown are stark. Not just the obvious north-south divide where those in parts of the world already facing the daily reality of climate crisis aren’t afforded the bougie luxury of  “scepticism”, but the awful process of an inter-generational legacy handed down by a society unwilling to face the truth.

The unlikely figure of Greta Thunberg has through quiet integrity inspired her School Strike movement to morph and gain momentum. Now, the news that the strikes are spreading to Britain has provoked a cacophony of protest from the climate science denial network.

Andrew Montford

Andrew W. Montford


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Andrew W. Montford is an English writer, editor, chartered accountant, and the voice behind climate change skeptic blog Bishop Hill. He is also the author of The Hockey Stick Illusion  (2010). He currently lives in Scotland.

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