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Major Tory Donor and Johnson Backer to Lead UK Climate Science Denial Group

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Boris Johnson

A major Conservative Party donor and financial backer of Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign has been appointed chairman of the UK’s leading climate science denial campaign group.

Terence Mordaunt, who donated £100,000 to the official pro-Brexit campaign and co-owns Bristol port with business partner David Ord, quietly took over the leadership of the Global Warming Policy Foundation at the start of December, according to Companies House records.

Australian Climate Science Denier Ian Plimer Follows Tony Abbott in Pushing Dodgy Science to London Think-Tank

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Ian Plimer

Australians have been keeping the London-based climate science denial group the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) busy in recent weeks.

After former Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave the group’s annual lecture in October, it was the turn of one of Australia’s longest-serving deniers to empty another bucket of bunkum.

Professor Ian Plimer, an Australian director of multiple mining companies, is featured in a new interview with the GWPF to promote his latest subtly titled denial tome: Climate Change Delusion and the Great Energy Rip-off.

When it comes to climate change science, Plimer can be placed very firmly in the file marked “denial.”

Climate Science Denial Group GWPF Admits It Used False Temperature Graph

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Lord Lawson uses false climate data

The climate science denying group the Global Warming Policy Foundation has admitted that it shared an “erroneous” temperature dataset to support Lord Lawson’s false claims to the BBC last week that global temperatures aren’t rising.

Three days after Lawson’s BBC interview – which was immediately and widely criticised in the media and by scientists – the climate denial group tweeted out Sunday afternoon that it was “happy to correct the record” and has since removed the tweet after a request to do so by climate scientist Ed Hawkins.

According to the tweets, the graph was originally produced by US meteorologist Ryan Maue, an adjunct scholar of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute co-founded by Charles Koch. It was published by weather forecaster and climate science denier Joe Bastardi. Both Bastardi and Maue work for WeatherBELL Analytics, a private weather consulting firm.

Brexit Climate Deniers Launch Coordinated Attack Against Green Regulations Ahead of Election

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Windmills and smoke stacks

The Brexit climate science deniers have over the weekend launched a coordinated attempt to persuade the UK to cut green regulations ahead of Theresa May revealing the Conservative Party’s 2017 general election manifesto.

In op-ed columns and letters to the editor in both The Times and The Telegraph members of climate science denying and neoliberal think tanks have criticised the UK Climate Change Act for increasing energy prices and called for looser regulations once we leave the European Union.

Those authoring the columns and heading up the letters belong to a small yet influential group of hardline Euro-climate sceptics as revealed by DeSmog UK last summer.

Climate Denier Group GWPF Isolated As It Calls on Government to Scrap Clean Energy Plans After Brexit

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Lord Nigel Lawson

Climate science denial group, the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF), has told Lords that the government should conduct a “wholesale re-evaluation of its decarbonisation policies”, “urgently amend the Fifth Carbon Budget”, and reconsider “all relevant EU legislation” in the wake of Brexit.

Of the 64 written submissions to an inquiry by the House of Lords’ Economic Affairs Committee, the GWPF’s was the only one to suggest Brexit should lead the government to revise the UK’s climate plans.

The committee is conducting a post-Brexit inquiry into “The Economics of UK Energy Policy”. It was accepting written evidence until September 30, and will continue to gather oral evidence over the coming weeks for a report due in 2017.

Lord Deben Busts Ridley and Lawson’s Climate Science Denial in an Epic Post-Brexit Speech

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Lord Deben speaking in the House of Lords

In the span of just six minutes the government’s independent climate change advisor Lord Deben swiftly and eloquently burst the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s climate science denial bubble.

Speaking in the House of Lords on the UK’s fifth carbon budget last night, Deben dealt a decisive debunking of Lord Lawson and Matt Ridley’s claims that the country’s Climate Change Act – and the carbon budgets set under it – is a case of “economic” and “manifest self-harm”.

The GWPF has been doubling-down in its effort to call for the scrapping of the 2008 Climate Change Act ever since the Brexit vote to leave the European Union last month. But it doesn’t seem to be going very well.

First, they failed in their attempt to criticise the Paris Agreement when they couldn't figure out how to open the correct PDF, and now this scathing shut-down from Lord Deben.

Tory Leadership Race: The UKIP-ers and Climate Deniers Backing Gove and Leadsom

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Andrea Leadsom speaking at a KPMG panel discussion

Whoever becomes Britain’s next prime minister will be tasked with many critical energy and climate policy decisions – from ratifying the Paris Agreement to phasing out coal.

Currently, in a surprise to many, Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom is among the top three contenders along with Home Secretary Theresa May and Justice Secretary Michael Gove.

And perhaps one interesting indicator for how each candidate might approach energy and climate decisions as prime minister is to look at the those declaring their support for each of these individuals.

So, from Lord Lawson and Owen Paterson to Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd, who’s backing the top Tory leadership contenders?

Mapped: The Cosy Climate-Euro Sceptic Bubble Pushing for Brexit and Less Climate Action

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Mapped: The Cosy Climate-Euro Sceptic Bubble Pushing for Brexit and Less Climate Action

There is a deep-rooted connection between UK climate science deniers and those campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union, new mapping by DeSmogUK can reveal.

Tying together this close-knit network reveals how organisations residing behind the doors of Westminter's 55 Tufton Street share many of the same members and donors.

And the reach of this small group of Brexit climate deniers extends beyond this Westminster building to include prominent politicians such as former London Mayor Boris Johnson, Justice Secretary Michael Gove, and Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom as well as traditional British media outlets.

Perhaps the epitome of this nexus between climate science deniers and Brexit campaigners came last week when former environment secretary Owen Paterson delivered a speech at this very same address.

UK Climate Denial Think Tank Global Warming Policy Foundation Sets Up US Fundraising Arm

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The UK’s highest profile climate science denying group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), has quietly launched an American fundraising subsidiary.

As the GWPF’s latest accounts show, the think tank registered the American Friends of the GWPF in April 2015 so as to “enable supporters in the USA to enjoy tax relief on donations.”

This comes as donations to the GWPF dropped significantly last year from £377,979 ($547,219) in 2014 to £207,019 ($299,711) in 2015.

The Top 10 Climate Change Articles in The Times, Debunked

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This week a group of leading scientists and UK climate advisors wrote a letter to the editor of The Times newspaper criticising its “poor quality” and “distorted” coverage of climate change.

In particular, they raised concern over the fact that the Murdoch-owned paper very frequently publishes climate science denial linked to Lord Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).

The signatories – which include Lord Deben and Lord Stern – urge the editor, John Witherow, to instead make the “remarkably robust” level of evidence on climate change the “centrepiece of debate… rather than the viewpoints of one highly marginal and increasingly out-dated pressure group.”


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