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European Thinktanks Repeating ‘Well-worn’ US Climate Denial Tropes

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55 Tufton Street

Organisations promoting climate science denial and anti-environmentalism in Europe share the same rhetoric, narratives and right-wing links as their US counterparts, new research has found.

The paper published in the journal Climatic Change examines publications from eight of the most prominent contrarian thinktanks in six EU countries over 24 years from 1994 to 2018, and argues the organisations enjoy a “remarkable” level of political influence for their size.

Former Green Party Spokesperson Arrested at ‘Home of Climate Denying Thinktanks’

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Four Extinction Rebellion activists were arrested on Wednesday night at the end of a demonstration in Westminster against the influence of “right-wing climate sceptic thinktanks” on the UK’s political system.

The arrestees included former Green Party spokesperson and philosophy professor Rupert Read, who was removed by police after pouring fake blood over the entrance to 55 Tufton Street.

The Conservative Woman

The Conservative Woman


The Conservative Woman (CW) is a conservative blog established in 2014 as a “counter-cultural offensive against the forces of Leftism, feminism and modernism.” [1]

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FairFuel UK: Industry-funded Campaign Group Seeks to Pressure Treasury into Fuel Duty U-turn

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FairFuel UK

Rumours began swirling in February that the upcoming budget could bring the UK’s 10-year freeze on fuel duty to an end. Since then, an industry-funded pressure group has been furiously campaigning for the new Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to abandon the planned change.

FairFuel claims to enjoy the support of 146 MPs and 1.7 million British drivers but has been accused by campaigners of having “no credible solutions” to the twin problems of localised air pollution and climate change.

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott


  • Bachelor of Economics (BEc), University of Sydney. [1]
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of Sydney. [1]
  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Philosophy, Queen's College, University of Oxford. [2]


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These Climate Science Deniers are Spreading Misinformation about the Australian Bushfires

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Alex Jones InfoWars

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has doubled down on his refusal to strengthen his administration’s approach to climate policy as his country burns. While Morrison acknowledges that climate change is one factor driving the fires, he is unwilling to consider reversing his government’s poor record on climate action to help prevent similar disasters happening again.

In recent days, Morrison’s position has been bolstered by a group of fringe climate science deniers pushing conspiracy theories and misinformation about the relationship between the fires and climate change.




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Politeia is a free-market organisation established in 1995 that aims to act as “a forum for discussing economic, constitutional and social policy,” according to its website. [1]

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Steve Baker

Steve Baker


  • BEng, Aerospace Systems Engineering, Southampton University. [1]
  • MSc, Computer Science, Oxford University. [1]


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John Redwood

John Redwood



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