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Shanker Singham

Shanker Singham

Shanker Singham is a US lobbyist who became a prominent figure in UK politics after the Brexit referendum. He is a close adviser of former Department for Exiting the EU Secretary of State David Davis and the department’s minister Steve Baker, and has worked for two think tanks that form part of a network of groups lobbying for a hard Brexit based out of offices on Tufton Street.

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Video: Exposing Westminster's Tufton Street Network Pushing Deregulation and Climate Science Denial

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Tufton St offices

It’s about low tax, low regulation — an economy fit for hedge fund owners”.

That’s how Peter Jukes, an investigative journalist with Byline Media, describes the aims of a network of shadowy thinktanks and campaign groups operating out of offices on Tufton Street, just around the corner from the Houses of Parliament.

DeSmog UK has previously mapped all the key connection between the organisations, many of which are leading voices in for Brexit and climate science denial.

James Bethell

James Bethell


James Bethell, the 5th Baron Bethell, is a sitting Conservative hereditary peer and a co-founder of the lobbying consultancy Westbourne Communications where he serves as a “senior counsel”.

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Ruth Lea

Ruth Lea


Ruth Lea is a political economist and former civil servant. A commentator on economic and political affairs, Ruth Lea has criticised the “big state” economic ideas of Gordon Brown.

Between 2004 and 2007, Ruth was director of Centre for Policy Studies, an organisation with links to climate science denial groups in the US.

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Centre for Policy Studies

Centre for Policy Studies


The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) is a free-market organisation founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher in 1974, promoting an ideology of small state and economic liberalism.

Although the Centre claims to be non-partisan, historically it is heavily linked to the Conservative party, and has been an influence on British politics since the 1970s.

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University of Buckingham

University of Buckingham


The University of Buckingham is the UK’s first private university. Founded in 1973, the university was closely linked to the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the UK education secretary at the time. After retiring from politics, Thatcher was lthe university's chancellor from 1992 until 1998.

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Neil Record

Neil Record


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Michael Hintze

Michael Hintze


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New Lobby Group Tied to Brexit Climate Science Deniers and Koch Industries Pushes for Deregulation in Europe

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Eu flag in front of statues

A new lobby group has appeared in Europe claiming to represent ‘consumers’. But a closer look reveals it is actually backed by some familiar groups known for their efforts to weaken climate and environmental regulations.

The Consumer Choice Centre (CCC) was set up in March 2017 and was promoted as “a grassroots-led movement” that “empowers consumers across the globe”.

But an investigation by Brussels think tank Corporate Europe Observatory suggests the CCC is actually working as a lobby group for a network pushing deregulation, while working closely with high-profile organisations including London-based think tank the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) and US oil billionaire Charles Koch.

‘Opaque’ and ‘Deceptive’ Think Tanks Spend Millions Pushing Brexit and Climate Science Misinformation – Report

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secret handshake

Three think tanks known for pushing for Brexit and spreading climate science misinformation spent over £3 million of ‘dark money’ influencing British politics last year, according to a new report.

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), Civitas, and the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) all received the lowest score from independent watchdog Transparify in its latest transparency ratings. The three organisations were part of a list of seven ”highly opaque and deceptive think tanks in Britain that take money from hidden hands behind closed doors”, the report said.

All three were criticised as being “highly opaque”, while the International Institute for Strategic Studies was the only think tank Transparify assessed that was given a new 'deceptive' label.

DeSmog UK previously revealed how the CPS, IEA, and Civitas operate as part of a network of organisations based around Westminter's 55 Tufton Street that pushed for the UK to leave the EU while spreading climate science misinformation.


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