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Mapped: Boris Johnson's Cabinet and the Tufton Street Lobbying Network

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Boris Johnson Tufton Street map

Boris Johnson has retained a core of ministers linked to a lobbying network pushing to weaken the UK’s environmental regulations in his first cabinet reshuffle since the general election. But the day also saw a number of high-profile sackings, potentially weakening the network’s influence in Downing Street.

While there are few outright climate science deniers in Johnson’s cabinet, a number of ministers have strong ties to groups based in and around Westminster's Tufton Street, with many special advisers (SPADs) being alumni of organisations attached to the address.

Climate Science Deniers Took Over BBC Radio 4 For a Morning During the Holidays

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BBC Radio 4

Some of the UK's leading climate science deniers took to the airwaves over the Christmas break, after former Telegraph editor Charles Moore was given the chance to curate an episode of BBC Radio 4's flagship Today programme.

Moore, a trustee of the climate science denying Global Warming Policy Foundation, downplayed the dangers of climate change and criticised the BBC's reporting of the issue during the morning radio show.

From Rees-Mogg to the School Strikers – Looking Back at the Faces of 2019

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Greta Thunberg

2019 was the year public concern around climate change seemed to go mainstream. Galvanised by UN warnings that the world is rapidly running out of time if it wants to avoid crossing the “safe” threshold of 1.5C, people have been taking to the streets to demand action like never before, forcing politicians to come up with more ambitious proposals to tackle it.

Major Tory Donor and Johnson Backer to Lead UK Climate Science Denial Group

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Boris Johnson

A major Conservative Party donor and financial backer of Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign has been appointed chairman of the UK’s leading climate science denial campaign group.

Terence Mordaunt, who donated £100,000 to the official pro-Brexit campaign and co-owns Bristol port with business partner David Ord, quietly took over the leadership of the Global Warming Policy Foundation at the start of December, according to Companies House records.

COP25: Climate Science Deniers Attend on Behalf of Trump-Affiliated Lobby Group

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A US thinktank with close ties to Donald Trump has obtained accreditation for a delegation of climate science deniers to the UN summit currently underway in Madrid.

Organisations accredited to attend on behalf of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has received significant funding from oil giant ExxonMobil and the Koch family, include the UK’s Centre for Policy Studies, the Chicago-based Heartland Institute and the European Institute for Climate and Energy.

Oil Tycoon Joins Climate Science Deniers at 55 Tufton Street

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55 Tufton Street

A businessman credited with helping spark the 1970s North Sea oil boom has moved into offices at 55 Tufton Street in Westminster, where the UK’s principal climate science denial organisation and many pro-Brexit campaign groups are based, DeSmog has learned.

John “Algy” Cluff, whose company Cluff Mineral Resources specialises in “support activities” for oil and gas extraction, as well as gold mining in West Africa, joins an influential hub of free market think tanks and lobby groups housed in the building.

Analysis: Why Holding MPs to Account on Climate Change is Incredibly Important (And So Damn Difficult)

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Mp voting records

Climate change is arguably the most significant issue facing the world right now. So you’d be forgiven for thinking this is an issue on which it would be easy to hold politicians to account. But you'd be wrong.

DeSmog collaborated with the Guardian to analyse which of the UK’s MPs have the best and worst records on climate change. We’re very pleased with the Guardian’s climate score league table, and think it offers a fair reflection of where most MPs sit on the issue — today and over the past decade. 

With Boris Johnson (who scores terribly, by the way) poised to call a general election as soon as Parliament will let him, and more people than ever caring deeply about climate change, now seemed like the perfect time to do the analysis.

How Boris Johnson Threatens the UK's Status as a Climate Leader

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Boris Johnson

This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 220 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story.  

The UK talks a good game on climate change, but its efforts may be about to go into reverse under Boris Johnson’s new government.

The country has committed to slashing emissions to “net zero” by 2050. UK coal-fired power stations are virtually a thing of the past. And it has been awarded the honour of hosting next year’s UN climate summit, in partnership with Italy.

But that’s where the good news ends.

BBC Updates Editorial Guidelines to Improve Scrutiny of Thinktank Pundits

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BBC building

The BBC has altered its editorial guidelines after persistent calls for the organisation to improve transparency around the commentators to which it gives a platform.

The broadcaster has now added “think tanks” to a list of groups that it says presenters and producers should “not automatically assume … are unbiased”.  “Appropriate information about their affiliations, funding and particular viewpoints should be made available to the audience, when relevant to the context,” the guidelines say.

The change could have significant ramifications for representatives of anti-regulation, pro-Brexit think tanks and campaign groups based in and around offices at 55 Tufton Street, including the UK's principal climate science denial campaign group the Global Warming Policy Foundation, on which DeSmog has extensively reported.

Is Boris Johnson's Cabinet the Most Anti-Climate Action Ever?

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson conducted an extraordinary cull of government ministers on his first day as Prime Minister. His mission was mainly to bring in new, more pro-Leave blood to replace the supposed Brexit balance of Theresa May’s cabinet. 

But as a consequence, the UK now finds itself governed by a collection of some of the UK’s most right-wing politicians, some of whom have promoted climate science denial and many of whom have ties to pro-deregulation campaign groups based in and around Westminster's 55 Tufton Street.


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