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Climate Denial Funder Michael Hintze Gave £100K to Vote Leave Campaign Day Before Brexit Vote

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Michael Hintze next to UK and EU flags

A significant financial boost was given to the Vote Leave campaign by climate science denial and Tory Party funder Michael Hintze the day before Britain headed to the polls to vote in the EU Referendum.

The Australian hedge fund manager donated £100,000 to the Vote Leave campaign group on 22 June, according to the most recent Electoral Commission July update.

On 23 June, the country successfully voted 52 to 48 percent for the UK to leave the European Union.

This was the first donation made by Hintze to the Vote Leave campaign group. But as DeSmog UK revealed last month, Hintze forms part of the close-knit ‘Brexit climate denier’ network operating out of 55 Tufton Street – his donation therefore serves to further entrench this connection.

Is This British University Becoming a 'Propaganda Machine' for the Fossil Fuel Industry?

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Concerns over academic integrity have been raised following the appointment of John Constable, a well-known anti-wind farm campaigner, as the head of a new energy institute at the University of Buckingham.

Britain’s leading private university “risks becoming a propaganda machine for the fossil fuel industry” The Independent wrote yesterday, noting that the university has a history of aligning with the interests of dirty energy and climate denial.

The university is known for its ties to Lord Lawson’s climate sceptic charity, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). The Foundation’s director, Benny Peiser, occasionally lectures at the university, and it has awarded honorary degrees to both Lawson and Matt Ridley, GWPF academic adviser.

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