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'Shame on You': Campaigners Disrupt US Fossil Fuel Event Attended by Climate Science Deniers

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Campaigners disrupted a US event promoting “greener and cleaner” fossil fuel energy at the UN climate talks, calling it “a farce” that had no place within the global climate negotiations process.

Minutes after the start of the event on the fringe of the climate conference in Katowice, Poland, dozens of youth activists, indigenous campaigners, and community leaders burst out laughing and stood up in front of the panel chanting “keep it in the ground”.

A large banner with the message “keep it in the ground” was deployed in a way to hide the panel from the audience.

Centre for Policy Studies

Centre for Policy Studies


The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) is a free-market organisation founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher in 1974, promoting an ideology of small state and economic liberalism.

Although the Centre claims to be non-partisan, historically it is heavily linked to the Conservative party, and has been an influence on British politics since the 1970s.

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March Madness: Don’t Miss DeSmog UK’s Top Moments

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We hit an exciting milestone in March with both our Facebook and Twitter pages reaching more than 1,000 followers. So, a big thank you is owed to everyone for liking and engaging with DeSmog UK!

Our top story caused quite the stir, to say the least. In a two-part exclusive interview with Michael Mann – dubbed his most intimate interview ever – we covered everything from American football and colour printers to Mann’s love of solving “important problems”.

With almost 4,000 pageviews between the two posts, and more than 200 shares on social media, we saw a global and varied readership. Michael Mann thought it was pretty great too, sharing it out on all his social media channels (cheers for that!).

Is A Climate Sceptic Behind The Latest Anti-Renewables Report?

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A new study claiming renewable energy is the “most expensive policy disaster in modern British history” was written by climate sceptic Rupert Darwall and published by UK conservative think tank the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS).

Darwall, an economist and CPS-listed expert, is best known for his book The Age of Global Warming, which has been touted by notorious climate denial think tank the Heartland Institute as being “the first book to tell the full story of the concerns over global warming.”

His new report argues that “renewables policy is truly a leap into the dark”. It was published just hours ahead of the 2015 budget announcement where George Osborne unveiled an ambitious and costly plan to build the world’s first tidal lagoon to generate green energy, along with lower taxes for North Sea oil schemes.

Rupert Darwall

Rupert Darwall


  • Economics and History, Cambridge University. [1] , [2]


Rupert Darwall is a Consulting Director with the White House Writers Group, where he specializes in the intersection of public policy and finance. [3]

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