Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan


Daniel Hannan is a Conservative MEP for South East England and president of the Institute of Free Trade, known for his hard-line pro-Brexit views.

He has been invited to speak at the anti-regulation US thinktank, the Heritage Foundation, and has ties to a trans-Atlantic network of groups and individuals spreading climate disinformation and pushing for Brexit and Donald Trump as president.

Hannan is listed as a Director of Project Maja from July to August 2015 in Companies House records. The company's registered address was listed as 55 Tufton Street, the home of many of the UK's key climate science denial organisations. Project Maja was dissolved in December 2016 without ever filing accounts or officially declaring its Nature of Business.

Stance of climate change

Hannan told the European parliament in December 2015:

Let’s accept what seems to be the consensus that the world is warming partly as a result of human activity. How we then deal with that is a political rather than a scientific question. And the particular issue is how much we spend on seeking very slightly to mitigate the rise in temperatures with huge sums of money versus adapting with a fractional sum of money.

I look around the world and I see that in Helsinki the mean temperature is about five degrees, in Athens it is about 21 degrees, in Rio it’s about 35 degrees – all support large populations. I think we might just be able to adapt.”

Key Quotes

December 2016

On the outcome of EU referendum, the US election and the implications for trade deals, Hannan told the Heritage Foundation:

There are some crybabies on both sides of the Atlantic who don’t accept the verdict of the people as final … it’s the slightly spoiled millennials, the generation of the safe spaces and micro-aggressions … it was entirely in their minds about ‘am I a nice cosmopolitan, outwards-looking person, or am I an evil bigot?’”

Key Deeds

September 2017

Hannan launched the Institute for Free Trade at the UK’s Foreign Office. Trade Secretary Liam Fox and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson both spoke at the launch event.

February 2017

Hannan hosted a conference in Brussels. On the programme were climate science denier and GWPF advisor Matt Ridley and Myron Ebell, the former head of President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition team and a director of the libertarian US think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). Climate denier and UKIP MEP Roger Helmer and the GWPF’s director Benny Peiser were also in attendance.

December 2016

Hannan spoke at an event for the anti-regulation US thinktank, the Heritage Foundation. Speaking at the think tank’s offices in Washington D.C., about a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal Hannan told the audience: “If it’s good enough on your side of the Atlantic it’s good enough on ours”,  adding that “in reality of course the deal is unlikely to be done just by Heritage and me”, drawing laughter from the crowd.

He said: “Our state machines will get their hands into it and they of course will try to make it about everything except trade. They’ll make it about ecological standards, and women’s rights, and child labour, and everything except the free exchange of goods and services, and that’s what opens the door to the corporate capture.” 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons | CC2.0