In Denial of Bad Science

In this investigative series, DeSmog scrutinizes the ways in which climate science deniers have been trying to take on the appearance of legitimacy through cracks in the scientific community.

We have documented ways deniers have attempted to infiltrate scientific conferences with questionable practices, publish in “sham” journals with shoddy peer review, and fund research papers that at times read more like angry emails than an exercise in the scientific method.

In this series

Australian beach with signs showing potential levels of sea rise in 2030 and 2050
A British government-backed research project that coordinates data from tide gauges around the...
By Graham Readfearn, 5 Jan, 2018
Christopher Monckton speaking on 'genocidal climate science' at a London meeting in 2016
On the face of it, the climate science conference scheduled for the romantic Italian city of Rome...
By Graham Readfearn, 31 May, 2017