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Protestor Climbs Onto Plane as Over 1,000 Extinction Rebellion Activists Arrested Across London

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Activist on plane

By Natalie Sauer and Chloe Farand for Climate Home News

Paralympics medalist James Brown climbed on top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport, in a protest aimed at the site’s £480m expansion plans.

The action was part of an Extinction Rebellion protest which targeted the airport on Thursday. Over 1,000 activists have reportedly been arrested since the start of two weeks of action on Monday, with 50 arrests made at London City Airport.

Brown, who is vision impaired and won bronze in cycling at the London 2012 games, was videoed by Extinction Rebellion climbing from the boarding steps while aircraft attendants looked on. It was unclear whether he had glued himself to the aircraft.

Yes, It's Due to Human Activity: New Research 'Should Finally Stop Climate Change Deniers'

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Scientists testing ice

By Tim Radford for Climate News Network

European and US scientists have cleared up a point that has been nagging away at climate science for decades: not only is the planet warming faster than at any time in the last 2,000 years, but this unique climate change really does have neither a historic precedent nor a natural cause.

Other historic changes — the so-called Medieval Warm Period and then the “Little Ice Age” that marked the 17th to the 19th centuries — were not global. The only period in which the world’s climate has changed, everywhere and at the same time, is right now.

Big Oil Can't Fight the 'Irresistible' Rise of Electric Vehicles — Report

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EV charing

By Paul Brown for the Climate News Network

The days of oil as a fuel for cars, whether petrol or diesel, are numbered — because the economies offered by wind and solar energy and other cheap renewables, combined with electric vehicles, are irresistible, a French bank says.

BNP Paribas Asset Management calculates that oil majors like Exxon, BP and Shell will have to produce petrol from oil at $10 a barrel (the current price is $58) to compete with electricity on price, while for diesel, it says, oil can cost no more than $19 a barrel.

Comment: Colombian Communities are Battling UK Coal Giants to Save La Guajira

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By Sebastian Ordoñez, Senior International Programmes Officer at War on Want

The Cerrejón Coal Company, a subsidiary of three UK-based mining giants, has diverted the Bruno River in La Guajira, Colombia, to extract 35 million tonnes of coal destined for Europe, North America and Asia. This is both illegal, as it contravenes a Constitutional Court ruling ordering a stop to the diversion, and wrong. It represents forty years of systemic harm perpetuated by Cerrejón on the communities of La Guajira, their territories, and our planet.

For as long as the company has operated in the area, the local population of indigenous Wayuu, Afro-descendent peoples, and campesinxs (agricultural workers), have resisted the mine’s encroachment on their land.

Comment: Policymakers Shouldn't Trust Drax's Bizarre Tree-Burning Climate Solution

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Drax worker

By Almuth Ernsting, bioenergy campaigner with Biofuelwatch

If there were a prize for the most bizarre climate mitigation idea, power company Drax Plc’s latest “green innovation” project would be a strong candidate.

Drax’s Yorkshire power station is the UK’s biggest carbon dioxide emitter and the world’s largest wood burner. It burns more imported wood every year than the UK produces, much of it sourced from the clearcutting of biodiverse, carbon-rich southern US forests.

Comment: British Museum's BP Cheerleading Shows Why Big Oil Loves Arts Sponsorship

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Protest against BP at the British Museum

By Jess Worth, Co-Director of campaign group Culture Unstained

Why do Big Oil companies sponsor some of the UK’s most prominent cultural institutions? Because it gives them PR that advertising dollars simply can’t buy.

Never was that more obvious than on BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight last week, where British Museum chair Sir Richard Lambert quipped “I don't want to do a PR job for BP”, then proceeded to do just that.


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