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Heathrow Airport Court Success Would be ‘Terrible Blow’ for Global Climate Commitments

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Heathrow Airport is today claiming that a controversial third runway could still comply with the UK’s climate commitments, as it looks to overturn a landmark appeal verdict.

The Supreme Court hearing comes eight months after campaigners celebrated stopping expansion at the West London airport “dead in its tracks”.

Docs Show Equinor Pushing 'False Solutions' to Climate Change While Lobbying UK Government on COP26

Read time: 7 mins
Equinor speech

Oil company Equinor suggested to government officials that it could invest in the UK’s natural carbon sinks in an apparent effort to secure its presence at the next UN climate talks, to be held in Glasgow in November 2021, internal memos show. 

Campaigners said the exchange showed how oil companies continue to push “false solutions” to climate change to greenwash their images and garner favour with governments.

HSBC and JPMorgan Chase’s Role in Climate Crisis Makes Them Unworthy Award Winners, Campaigners Say

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A top banking prize awarded to “the world’s worst financier of climate chaos” has prompted major backlash from campaigners.

More than 20 international environmental groups are demanding a retraction after business magazine Euromoney handed its “best bank in the world” gong to JPMorgan Chase and “best bank for sustainable finance” to HSBC.

New UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton Thinks Climate Change is a 'Hoax'

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Former Tory MP and prominent climate science denier Neil Hamilton has been appointed UKIP’s interim leader.

A member of the Welsh Parliament and its climate change, environment and rural affairs committee, Hamilton last year branded global warming “another age of fad and fancy” and claimed there was “no correlation” between carbon dioxide and global temperature rise.

Engineering Body Cancels Climate Science Denier Talks After Member Backlash

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Controversial talks by a climate science denier have been axed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) after mounting pressure from members.

The IET’s London branch was set to hold two virtual talks by retired engineer Brian Catt from next Tuesday. The first webinar, entitled “What controls the climate?”, was to be followed on 20 October by “How climate has changed since records began”.

However, it soon emerged that the speaker rejects mainstream climate science, writing on his website that “theories” about human-caused climate change had been proven wrong over the last 20 years, and dubbing climate science a “religion, enforced by social exclusion, not by science”.

Climate Assembly Calls for Aviation Tax and Faster Ban on Sale of New Diesel and Petrol Cars

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The UK’s first ever Climate Assembly has called for an end to cross-party fighting as it presented its vision for a “net zero” future in a new report.

More than 100 participants from a cross-section of the UK have contributed to a series of recommendations on reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, the UK’s current target.

Assembly members showed overwhelming support for a frequent flyer tax, phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars as soon as 2030 and a preference for tree-planting to store carbon over newer, more controversial methods.


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