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  • BA in Politics and Philosophy from the University of York. [1]


Ben Pile is a researcher, commentator and blogger. He is the co-founder and main writer of the Climate Resistance blog, which claims to be “challenging the climate orthodoxy.” [2]

Pile also writes for the anti-eco “miserablism,” libertarian, Spiked Online, and is a regular contributor to articles by Telegraph climate science denial columnist, Christopher Booker. [3], [4], [5]

Referencing a dispute with Labour MP Barry Gardiner, Breitbart London contributor and climate science denial provocateur James Delingpole described Pile as “daily-more-magnificent-and-admirable.” [6]

In 2012, Pile was revealed to be a paid researcher of former UKIP MEP and climate science denier, Godfrey Bloom. In an email exchange with a Guardian journalist, Pile acknowledged he received around £2,000 for his work for Bloom. [7]

In 2012, Pile produced and directed the anti-wind-power film, Lost Horizons. Pile has also spoken at UKIP events arguing against the use of wind power. [8], [9]

Stance on Climate Change

April 2007

Ben Pile’s Climate Resistance blog has 16 ‘starting position’ statements, including: [2]

  • The evidence for anthropogenic climate change is neither as strong nor as demanding of action as is widely claimed.”
  • The scientific consensus on climate change as widely reported inaccurately reflects the true state of scientific knowledge.”
  • The IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] is principally a political organisation.”
  • Environmentalism will be worse for the poor than climate change.”

Key Quotes

September 2017

Pile criticised climate scientists for linking Hurricane Harvey, which ravaged Texas, to climate change. In an article for Spiked, he wrote: [10]

Central to greens’ fetish for hurricanes is the scientific theory that warmer sea-surface temperatures caused by global warming can increase hurricanes’ energy and destructive power. It may well be true. But theory easily becomes dogma, and climate pundits have rushed ahead of their science.”

December 2015

Pile described the Paris Agreement as “a triumph of meaninglessness,” and “a triumph of mediocrity” in an article for Spiked. He wrote: [11]

In many respects, a Humpty Dumpty fudge gives more licence to climate champions than a precisely worded document ever could. Just as the fact of the scientific consensus on climate change allows environmentalists to ad-lib about its substance, so too the pretence that an agreement on climate change exists will free the mediocracy assembled under its protection from being held to account. That is the main function of this so-called agreement.”

April 2015

In a guest post for the Institute of Ideas, a leading ‘Living Marxism’ website, which aims to “challenge contemporary knee-jerk orthodoxies,” Pile called the UK’s 2008 Climate Change Act “the worst example of how politicians have distanced government from democracy.” He wrote: [12]

[…] the main reason to object to the CCA [Climate Change Act] is that it reflects the growing tendency to hide from criticism behind the comforting certainty of scientific objectivity. The CCA has been an expensive failure, but its critics were dismissed as climate-change deniers. The real objective of the CCA was not to save mankind from the weather, but to save an exhausted political establishment from the public, and from democracy.”

July 2013

In a guest post for the University of Nottingham’s ‘Making Science Public’ blog, Pile praised BBC presenter Andrew Neil – who has a history courting controversy on climate issues – for daring to take on the scientific consensus on climate change on his Daily Politics show. Pile wrote: [13], [14]

[…] in just one show, [Neil] has done more to promote an active understanding of climate science and its controversies than has been done by the Carbon Brief blog, academics at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and elsewhere, Bad Science warriors, and a legion of Tweeters who claim to speak for science have done in their entire existences. Along the way, it is possible that Neil made some inconsequential technical mistakes. But by contrast, the uncritical reproduction of scientific orthodoxy is a far more egregious error: it denies that error can be observed from without the consensus. So much for ‘science’.”

Key Deeds

November 17, 2018

Pile appeared to call for violence to be used against climate change activists from the “Extinction Rebellion” movement during protests in London. He tweeted: “Please, God, let there be violence. Please, God, help the @metpoliceuk find their batons.” and “Anyone who thinks this is how you start a revolution surely needs a truncheon to the head?” [17], [18]

May 22, 2012

Pile prepared a “proof of evidence” document on behalf of UKIP MEPs Godfrey Bloom and Paul Nuttall. According to document, Pyle was contracted to provide research for the “ Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group in the European Parliament on climate and energy matters.” [1]

In the document, Pile argues against renewable energy initiatives, citing analyses by Roger Pielke Jr. to push against climate policies. Pile argues in the report that it is not urgent to reduce CO2 emissions: [1]

“[T]he IPCC is itself not yet a perfect check on such misconceptions about how quickly CO2 could cause climate change, and thus how urgent the need to remedy it,” the document claimed. “There is a growing recognition that unfounded urgency is dangerous, likely to undermine confidence in science, and make it harder to find a solution to the real problem of climate change. “

It concluded: 

“Whatever the true extent of climate change, it seems clear that an atmosphere of urgency has not created the best conditions for dealing with the problem. In particular, a rush towards renewable energy - 'a dash for wind' - has lacked a firm basis and a consensus is emerging that it seems to have been incautious.” [1]

January 2012

In a Spiked article, Pile defended the right of climate science denial campaign group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), to keep its donors hidden. He argued that the £50,000 donation at the heart of an investigation by journalist Brendan Montague (later DeSmog UK’s first editor) “fades into insignificance” when compared to funding for environmental groups. He concludes the article: “there should be more GWPFs.” [15]

Efforts to get the GWPF to reveal its funders eventually went to tribunal, with leading scientists including NASA’s James Hansen submitting evidence that the GWPF “routinely misrepresents and casts doubt on the work of climate scientists,” the Guardian reported. [16]

November 2012

Pile produced and directed an anti-wind power campaign video called Lost Horizons, with the subtitle: “How the EU’s obsession with wind energy is destroying Britain’s coastlines and communities.”  [8]

November 2012

The Guardian revealed Pile received around £2,000 for research work for climate science denialist and former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom[7]

April 2009

Pile was quoted by climate science denialist and Telegraph columnist Christopher Booker in an article criticising former prime minister Gordon Brown’s “£100 billion green energy package.” [5]


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Sample publications of Pile's articles at Spiked Online below: [4]


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