DeSmog's Pro-Brexit Climate Science Denier Map — A User's Guide

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GWPF Brexit climate science denier map

Sometimes there can be a feeling of déjà vu when reading the thousands of words dedicated to reporting Brexit every day. It seems to be the same people again and again putting forward the same arguments for the UK to leave the EU. And none of these arguments seem to favour climate action.

As DeSmog’s big new map shows, there’s a reason why: the actors pushing for a hard or no deal Brexit, and all the UK’s climate science deniers, well — they’re all connected.

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We’ve mapped over 2,000 connections between the UK’s climate science deniers and a network of politicians, lobbyists, campaign groups, thinktanks, and companies pushing for a hard or no-deal Brexit.

This map is a new interactive resource for those trying to understand the shadowy networks now operating at the highest level of UK, US and European politics.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each circle is a different actor — whether that’s a person, group, or company — click on the circle to find out more;
  • Each line represents a different connection, click on it to find out more;
  • Go full screen using the square button in the top-right corner. And you can zoom in and out on the map to see who or what each node is connected to (using your mouse scroll or the plus and minus buttons on the right);
  • Like what you see? Click the share button in the top-right to share on social media, or get an embed code to link to on your own website;
  • And don’t forget to read more about many of the actors on the map in DeSmog’s Disinformation Database.

Happy hunting!

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