Announcement: Introducing DeSmog UK's new Deputy Editor Mike Small

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DeSmog UK is delighted to introduce new Deputy Editor and Director of Programmes, Mike Small. 

Mike joins the team to help expand our Brexit coverage and strengthen our investigations on corporate wrongdoing and greenwash.  He will also help to expand our community engagement through exciting new DeSmog UK projects including events and virtual outreach.

Mike previously worked as Editor of Bella Caledonia and has written for the Guardian, Variant, Open Democracy and the Sunday Herald.  

Born in Aberdeen, Mike went on to study at Birkbeck College University of London and at the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont USA under Murray Bookchin. He is the author of 'Scotland's Local Food Revolution' (Argyll Publishing, 2013). He contributed to 'A Vigorous Institution: The Living Legacy of Patrick Geddes', Luath Press (2007),  'Systemic Complexity and Eco-Sustainable Development' (Eds Ivano Spano and Dario Padovan, 2001), and 'Despatches from the Invisible Revolution' (Eds Dougald Hine & Keith Kahn- Harris, 2011).

You can contact him at [email protected]. Please join us in welcoming Mike to the team!

Image: Pixabay CC.0

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